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Friday, April 23, 2010

Tiring and exhausting week!

This has been a very tiring week for me; physically and mentally.

Although it was just domestic travel, I travelled twice this week and when I landed in the local airport on Wednesday night after two days of training, I was almost dropping on my feet.

I was so sleepy that I could barely feel my own weight as I traipsed around the airport with my extra heavy bags (somehow bags always end up heavier when you return from the trip despite containing the same amount of stuffs packed before departure)

I have been having muscle aches all over the body and heavy eye lids since yesterday and have been practically dragging myself out of bed and around the office.
It was quite hard to keep awake when I was driving too, I know, an extremely dangerous thing to do.

Things have been so crazy lately that I have again, lost touch with my blogs and it greatly upsets me, furthermore when I have so much to blog about.
I am still in high spirits, just not in high physicality..LOL

I am looking forward to more short holidays and vacations, despite being given the mandate that we are not allowed to take leave at the moment =P (shall blog about it separately)

It's Friday, and at least, there are two short days to look forward to for a break and rest...get away from all the crazy workload and emails and files/sheets waiting to be signed on my table.

Happy Weekend....and are we all looking forward to the long weekend next week? *winks*