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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Gift to the Lord Jesus

Funny how we often kept ourselves busy with the Christmas shopping lists (which seems to be never ending, by the way) but yet, we never stopped to ask ourselves, "What should I get for the Lord Jesus?"

Yet Christmas is the birthday of our Savior and we buy presents for EVERYONE; send cards to ANYONE but not the only ONE who is to be celebrated!

Yeah, we go to mass, which many will argue that it is an important attendance to his birthday celebration as we pray and cheer to the birth of our savior.
However, don't we attend birthday parties too, and did you not bring along a gift for the birthday celebrant?

What gift do we bring to the Lord each year we celebrate his birthday?
When we see HIM lying in the makeshift crib, what is the first thing we said to HIM?
Did we wish HIM a Happy Birthday first of all? Or did we pray for our sick relatives/family members to get well soon, and we hope to score that exam/job interview next week or we hope we can get rich soon so that we can quit our current job?

Did we stop to wish HIM a hearty Birthday greeting and thank HIM for all the miracles he had presented to us?
Did we thank HIM for all the gifts he brought for us?

Were we just asking and asking and asking in prayer?

What did YOU do and what is your thought?