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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cleaning after one's MESS!

I will be moving to a new place soon; and typically we will all do that cleaning up before we move our stuffs in, right? To ensure a livable and comfortable environment for ourselves to live in.

As I paid the place or in precise the room I was about to move into 2 days ago with the hope of sweeping and vacuuming a little, I was greeted by much more mess than I've ever imagined!
Seriously, I can't even believe that the previous tenant was a lady because the state of the room? GOSH, it looks like it hasn't been cleaned for years!
Dust was so thick everywhere; on the window sills, bed frame, cupboards, dressing room, floor and another gross part, there's hair everywhere!
The room comes with a bathroom attached to it, and needless to say, I found hair too on the floor.

I was thoroughly disgusted by the condition of the room!
I have been staying out for the past 7-8 years now and this is by far the worst place I've ever seen!
I wonder how did that woman manage to stay in a room without cleaning it up regularly.
Not that I am such a fussy pot or a super duper Kleener, but I would definitely clean my room every now and then to avoid more work in the future when the dirt accumulate.
Furthermore, it is also for the comfort of my own living anyway!

YUCKS and YUCKS are all I can say about the room and the previous tenant!
I still say it's unbelievable how a WOMAN can stay in a room in such a state!

Sighs....I definitely much more to do than meets the eye:(
Will update further when I get things done....
I hope it will not make me sick again!