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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FIRE-Works on New Year's Day

1st of January 2009 was greeted with a great display of fireworks in the sky at midnight and these popping sounds lasted all the way into the wee hours in the morning.

As usual, I was up early to catch the first sunrise of a brand new year (something that I like to do on occasions like these; rather than partying my night through and getting a few hours of sleep:p)

The town was rather quiet and I did see a few punk kids holding some sticks or logs for whatever reason which I do not want to know.

On Macalister Road, there was something which was even much more happening than the fireworks for this is one REAL FIRE WORK!
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A Rapid bus burst into flames and the Fire Department were working hard to put out the fire so early in the morning amongst the crowd of 'concerned' Malaysians.

It was badly burnt; suspected to be a major overheating of the engine compartment.
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Hopefully the bus driver's unhurt; but I guess it's an empty bus.

The next time you think of the fireworks, don't you think this is definitely going to put a whole new perspective into your mind?
Talk about starting the new year with a BANG! (Thank God there is no explosion:)