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Friday, January 23, 2009

Can you keep a secret?

I find there are lots of people whom we can talk to, but how many can we really trust?

If I were to tell someone a little story, and not mention it to him/her, he will probably forget about it or adversely, he may go off and accidentally spun the story out to someone else as a topic in a conversation.

However, if I were to tell him a story and emphasized that "This is a secret, don't tell anyone"
Well, I can bet that this story will be out in no time and God knows to how many people out there; probably some are even strangers to me.

I used to think that this is not a big deal nor it doesn't really matter, we can't control what happens out there and what people just wanna say.
But, to a certain extent, I guess sometimes it does bother me when people just talk about or bring up whatever that I've told them before.

I am naturally a rather secretive person and I do not like to talk or brag about my own personal life or whatever stuffs I have...it's just a natural protective nature I have.
I don't really like to confide my stories and my life to anyone; no matter how much I trust the person. It is not easy and sometimes, well, being human I tend to have a slip of tongue despite the tight-lip person I am.
It's a little too late to pull back whatever I have said after I have said it, isn't it....and it leaves me with that guilt-ridden feeling and butterflies/knots in my stomach, wondering whether I should have said it.

Well, sometimes, being too chatty may not necessarily be a good thing although I myself personally can vouch that I have been a pretty good keeper with secrets.
I rarely talk about other's stories unless it was shared on the internet for the reading of everyone.

I don't pride in telling others about my own stories, etc....whether moving to a new house, shifting to a new workplace, getting prizes in lucky draw, buying something new, etc.
It's my personal life and if I choose to tell my friends, they are usually the close-knitted ones and I trust that it will be guarded the same; something personal.

Perhaps this is one part that some of you may not know about me yet, but if I choose to tell you something, I hope you won't be the one to blow that in your trumpet to another; especially when it comes to personal things such as home addresses, salary (which I don't tell, of course...no one does anyway!), how much I am paying for this and that.....oh please!

If I choose to trust you, do you think you can keep a secret?