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Monday, August 04, 2008

Tantrums - no solution

Everyone gets angry once in a while; after all we are human beings too - granted with the gifts of emotions and passion.
Remember even Jesus as a little boy had his bout of tantrum in the temple when he was 12 years old, he crashed all the stalls selling items at the temple as he was displeased with their intention which showed disrespect to the deities?

Even Chinese had the famous saying, "Even Buddha can lose his temper" (used to describe that even patience has its limit)

So who has never gotten angry before in their life?
Women are most often than not, pointed out as the most susceptible to mood swings and temperamental. In other words, women are usually the ones who angers easily.
I tend to think that both genders are also sensitive and can anger on case basis.

When we get angry, we sometimes lash out at people around us; particularly those who are close to us (i.e.: our loved ones, families)
Because we are used to having them around and release our guard rather easily; taking their emotions for granted.
We always assume that they will understand and that they will know why we are angry.
But do they?

It is easy to build the emotion within ourselves and then just release it in front of our beloved families. When we are approached with gentle care and concern, we just find that as a cue to release our emotion and lash out at anyone.
And yet, we just expect them to understand that we are stressed or overwhelmed with problems and emotions that we are allowed and licensed to throw our weight around.

If we can reserve our emotions in front of other people when we choose not to show them, why have we never apply the same concept to anger?
If we can keep a straight face when we want to laugh out loud in a lecture hall (finding the lecturer's outfit really outrageous), why can't we just keep that anger within ourselves and make it seem that we are happy?

It is not wrong to feel angry, but it is really wrong to impose our anger on innocent people.
Being emotional is never an excuse, it is all about our own judgement.
I am not preaching about anger management here; I just find that most of us have been really clouded by this really negative emotion and deadly sin so much that we have hurt people around us as well.
I have told myself the same thing; I shall keep myself happy and not to be overwhelmed by emotion...

If anger can control us so easily, I say we shall reverse the process and control anger!
Remember, our loved ones did not cause our anger; and even if they did, lashing out with anger will only make the whole thing worse and there will a neverending cloud of dark emotions looming.
So, let's just keep ourselves and everyone happy to make this world a much better place~!

A First step: SMILE!