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Friday, August 29, 2008

A Merdeka post

Funny how everyone seemed to have forgotten that this weekend is the Merdeka celebration (Malaysia's Independence Day) - falls on the 31st of August.
Unless you are an avid follower of the calendar dates (noting all the public holidays), I am amazed that some of us even forgot that next Monday is a holiday as well!!

Talk about patriotism, the mood and atmosphere is just missing and one feels like any ordinary weekend.
Is it the lack of publicity on the media (that's the power of media)? Or is it the lack of decorations and events?
I do not want to comment politically as it is always a questionable thing; and I do not like to talk about how people should act as it is not my jurisdiction to teach people.

At the same time, perhaps it is time to bring to mind that the economy is really distressing and a moderate and toned down celebration may not be so bad after all, when we keep in view people who are suffering out there in poverty.

Anyway, to my home country, wishing Malaysia a HAPPY Independence Day for the 51st year!~