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Saturday, August 23, 2008

No NATO Please!

Did you notice how we tend to comment on things AFTER what has happened rather than making things happen?

How many of us really do our part in making changes? (Of course to those who do, KUDOS to you!)

I realized that Malaysians are no longer the caring society we used to be so proud of.
Crimes are happening everywhere and the wrongdoers are getting as bold as to commit them in broad daylight and also right smack in the middle of a watching crowd!

I recalled a story related to me by a colleague who told me about a robbery which happened in a very busy area in PJ SS2 where this man was walking towards his Land Rover when there were 2 Indian men stopping near him on a motorcycle.
One of the man got down and went near the man; seemingly patting him on his back and hugging his shoulder like some old friends.
But some eyewitnesses noticed a knife sticking out near the sides of the man.

In a short second, the man was literally forced into his Land Rover and the Indian man got into it with him; while the other man on the motorcycle followed.
Mind you, this happened in front of God-knows how many people who all stood outside their shops; doing what you and I know best; WATCH.

My colleague has just arrived and didn't know what happened and he heard from those eye witnesses about the crime which just happened.
He asked them a question, "You mean, you knew what was happening and you didn't lend a helping hand?"
Their replies?
"You SIAO ar? So Kay-poh for what!"

And this is not the only case; there was another incident where a couple was robbed of their BMW in front of an exclusive restaurant in a classy residential area.
And again, right in front of the high-class diners.


And Lee Chong Wei's case, everyone's saying how he should've played better than Lin Dan....and commenting on how he should've played. Well, I guess those professional "commentators" should try getting into the court and play their way into the finals to face the world's No.1

Somehow we just have so many N.A.T.O people around...No Action, Talk Only!

And the last one I had was with a friend; he noticed a tap running and told me people these days are so careless.
I walked up and turned off the tap...instead of sitting there talking about how the tap is running.
See...that easy!
So please, action and not just talk!