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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Whose fault is it anyway?

I witnessed an accident over the weekend; I was right on the spot when the collision took place.
It all happened so fast that I could barely remember the details.
I was in the car with daddy; early morning after breakfast and we stopped at this cross junction waiting for the traffic lights.
When it was our turn to go, all of a sudden, all I say was a motorcycle practically jumping over a cab on the left turning of the junction.
I can tell you, I believe I was not the only one stunned as all the cars on our side did not budge despite the green light.
Dad made a move and as we passed by the scene on our left, I saw the motorcyclist lying on the ground holding on tightly to his knee and the motorcyle was in a wrecked state.
Further was the cabbie and his passenger who stopped and hurried towards the injured motorcyclist.
Besides the fact that the motorcylist was an Indian man in his early 40's, the passenger and the cabbie were Malay men; the former in late 30's and the latter in late 50's, that was practically all I could remember.

How it happened?
I can't remember but my dad and friends(some of them happened to be there as well), described that it was the cab driver's fault. He was coming from the 3 o' clock direction and the lights have turned red on his side. He beat the traffic lights and at the same time, the motorcyle was on our side of the junction and he made the move when the lights turned green. He didn't see the cab coming as there was a land rover on his right which blocked his view (Our car was right behind the land rover by the way).

The motorcyle rammed into the speeding cab(on the passenger's side) and caused him to flip and practically hopped over the cab.
His helmet fell off his head when it happened; so I guess he didn't secure his helmet properly as well. However, he was really lucky that there were no oncoming cars and his head didn't suffer any injury (I didn't see him bleeding on the road).

The cab halted immediately about less than 100m away from him and the passenger got down hastily followed by the cab driver.

That was all I managed to witness.
I really believe what it meant by shock when you are on the accident spot.
I was really numb for a while; speechless and yet, when you asked me what happened...it seemed like the mind is blank!
I guess that's what happens when you see eye-witnesses losing confidence to step out and relate their eye account.

Daddy said the cabbie is in for serious trouble as he beat the traffic lights and hit someone!
As for logical and safety ration, I reckon the motorcylist should have also taken extra precaution to observe oncoming cars before making the move.
You may be on the right, but defensive driving is always good to prevent unwanted accidents from idiots who prefer to challenge the law.
Secondly, I hope all motorcyclists will take this as a reminder to fasten the helmet properly...

My emphasis here is although the cabbie was on the wrong, the motorcyclist could have prevented it if he was a little more careful.

It only takes a second to change your life forever and the decision lies in your hand!

Let me know what you think as well.....again, whose fault is it anyway???