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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Room Viewing

**Pulling my hair out!!**

I am at a loss of words when it comes to my housemate; the anchor tenant aka the SG citizen:(

She is bringing a new prospective tenant to view the room which I am staying in as I am moving out soon.
And guess what, she wants the tenant to view MY room!!
That's not a problem at all of course; coz the fact is I am still STAYING in the room and all my stuffs were in the room.
I am supposed to stay until the end of the month which means until next week; and now she wants to bring in people??

I reasoned it out with her on how uncomfortable I am and stuffs like that; I mean...doesn't it make sense? You're bringing in a stranger to view MY room...which is supposed to be private and all that...and you think it's OKAY for me?
She said she understand but that it's in the agreement and she wants him to move in asap....I am definitely bummed by that.

I remembered the last time when I wanted to view, she told me that the previous housemates won't allow until they move out and I was using this same line which she mentioned she amended the agreement based on that. Okay, fine, you had me there!!

But still, this person is a GUY for crying out loud!!
I can't express enough in words how glad I am to be moving out...but to anticipate the guy's coming...I am still.......................