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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Moving Out (Blues)

Okay, back to my housemate stories, yeah...been pretty long I have been talking about her (been some sort of celebrity on my blog lately:p)
Anyway, I have seriously never met anyone as weird as her (don't even start on weirder). This week, I have been sick; actually since last week and over the weekend (sighs)

Getting back to the story, okay, there has been things she has been doing weirdly again....as below:
1. Not answering the door when I knock although I am sure she was at home (wonder what she's so afraid of)
2. She posted notices all over the fridge, microwave, washing machine (Please do not touch/use)
3. Latest notice was on fridge on Monday; "Please remove all your stuffs from the fridge by 26 Nov, 2007 (Monday). Fridge has been sold. Thanks"
I was lying in my bed the whole day and had it not for the other housemate, I would not have been aware of this notice. Thanks to her, I removed my fruits quickly and passed to another friend to safekeep it for me for a few days while I move over to a new apartment by the end of this week.
However, the other housemate was not so lucky (though she was the one who alerted me) as she had to go to work for the whole day and logically, she thought that since the other (crazy one) still had her vege and yoghurt stuffs, she will not just unplug the fridge.Wrong move!
So guess what crazy housemate did? When she came home after work (I was still in my room, barely knew what happened) but when I came out of my room to get a drink, the fridge was gone and she placed all the stuffs near the kitchen sink (foyer area).
OMG!! What a crazy woman.....how can she do this?

The other housemate actually had a box of kiwis, pears, and tomatoes, not to mention her vitamin pills. Furthermore, it was really mean of her to do that to someone who has been offering her help. I mean, it was really ungrateful and really bad PR as the other housemate's bf who worked in the same company as us, did drive her to and back from work most of the time. Furthermore, we have all helped her to buy groceries before as well. SIGHS...what can you say about someone like that...

4. As if that's not enough, on Tuesday while I was still on MC, I received several messages from her on my mobile,
"Please pack and leave the house before 7 or earlier this Friday. I will return deposit and etc upon inspection of the room condition."
And she sent this several times...and followed by shorter messages "Please leave before 7 or earlier...."
I am sick for goodness sake!!! I know I know....I will move out asap; I can't wait to get out either!! Ridiculous....

Seriously, I really do not know what's the problem....am I the one who offended her or she's just plain sick? This is really an absurd story I know, far-fetched but believe me, this happened in real life. And again, I experienced it...and by far, the weirdest thing that could have ever happen to me....

One word, I can't wait to move out asap!!

P.S.: Bogus, you are definitely right, she's a psycho!!!