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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Overheated Microwave

It was about 6am on Monday morning as I was getting myself ready to go to the office to send an email (I was actually on leave but I just got to send out a couple of emails:p)
I was hustling around taking bath and everything when I had this whiff of peculiar burning smell. I was surprised as I opened my room door and the whole house was surrounded in smoke. I hurried over to the kitchen (which was facing my room directly anyway) and watched in horror as the microwave emit the toxic and thick gas!!!
I was struggling to cover my nose and mouth and running around the house, opening the windows and doors!!
It was so suffocating and really scary!!!
I was really scared and panicked but the opening of the windows and doors did help to clear the thick smoke surrounding the whole apartment.
It took a couple of mins and I finally left the apartment; having to close the windows and everything before I left.
I was kinda worried as I drove off to my office and I felt difficulty in breathing. I guess I must have inhaled more of the toxic gas than what I actually imagined!!!
I could even still smell the smoke around me!!! GOSH!!!
I quickly typed that email in the office when I received a text message from "THE Housemate" (the Singaporean one) who just got back after a whole week of vacation (yeah, she happened to be on leave..again).
Her text was " Is there something burning in the house?"
To which I replied, "Yeah, your microwave seems to emit smoke this morning...probably due to overheat or something. Please do open the doors and windows since you are home"

She replied asking whether there was any problem with the microwave prior to this to which I replied I didn't know since I was also home in KL since last week.
I then proceeded to ring her on the phone to remind her and check on the condition.
I reminded her to open all the windows and doors to let the fresh air in to the house and also how was the condition.
And this is the good part, guess what she answered?

"Oh, it's ok I think. I won't be opening the doors and windows as I'm afraid those lizards will come into the house again"

The house stinks of smoke and there were 2 housemates sleeping and all she could think of is to prevent lizards from getting into the house due to her fear???!!!!!
Oh no......................*Shakes shakes shakes head vigorously*

I couldn't stand it and just muttered a few words of bye and hung up. I had to go see a doctor anyway since I was really having difficulties breathing and my lungs kinda hurt too.
I had to go home first to take a quick bath and everything and it was too early for the clinics to open at that time.

I ignored her request and proceeded to open all the doors and windows when I was home and the 2nd housemate who woke up, also did the same thing and turned on the fan as well.
She talked to me and I told her what the first housemate told me and she was really shaking her head as well.
"SICK gal....always closing all the windows, suffocating us to death and now, even with the thick smoke all around, she is still reluctant to open them??? Real insanity!!"

I went to the clinic after that and the doctor told me to open all the doors and windows (AGAIN!) to let in the fresh air.
I told the doctor about my housemate and his eyes was bulging (this was a doctor I see regularly).
"WHAT?? That's some weird housemate you have....just ignore her, you definitely MUST open the windows or you guys can die of that toxic gas"

Well, well, well....tell me more about it....
Anyway, I did as the doctor told since she was already out of the house:p

It was definitely one scary experience....I am gonna take pic of that microwave to share with you guys (it's relocated to the outside porch of the condo now).

Sighs.....this house's really scary...and her appliances....
First her washing machine makes all those weird noises and water leaks...
Then her fridge caused short circuit in the house electricity before and then water leaks...
And now, her microwave.....