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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Berry Berry HAPPY!!:D

I had a pleasant surprise last week...and I have posted about this in my food blog
Anyway, just like to share these pics and happiness here again..haha, a segment of re-blogging:p
I have always loved berries of any sort; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries and cherries!!!! Oh,not forgetting the Chinese wolfberries often used for soup:)
It was pretty hard to get these nice berries in this country due to the seasonal import and most of the time when I do see them in the supermarket, they are always almost dried up and wrinkled:(

So imagine my surprise when this good friend, Jlo told me he managed to buy it from Tesco Extra for me!!
I was literally jumping for joy but he told me that he could only get blueberries and there were no strawberries at that time...see, such a bummer:(
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He got my 2 packets.....which made me so berry happy:D
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BERRIES.......so precious to me:)
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And since I was so happy with blueberries and yearning for strawberries, I was totally elated when we ended up in Cameron during our trip to a friend's wedding in Ipoh. It was like a dream call came true....
And I wasted no time in buying myself strawberries!!!
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Red rosy strawberries for me:)
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Oooooh....I can't describe how happy I was merely in words...and I was really happy that I got my two beloved berries....it'd be great if I had raspberries and cherries too...but one cannot ask for too much:p