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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Housemate stories (part... N)

Look at all the crazy notices...sometimes, I really wonder, why can't just talk to us face to face????

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Washing Machine
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Her other previous notices...to get us to clean the house on routine...
Actually, FYI (not defending ourselves), we were the ones who have been cleaning (sweeping, mopping) the floors. I couldn't stand it anymore as she barely cleaned up and sent an email and she took it as part of her credit that SHE was the one who noticed it...the nerve!!
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Blaming us for her blocked sink when she was the only one who cooked and washed at home...we had our dinner outside or we eat them im lunch boxes!
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Her precious modem (very reluctant to lend it to others without a heavy-weighted warning)
No pressure at all...
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And she has always been giving the other housemate a hard time for placing her box in the corner although the hall is not furnished:S
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