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Monday, June 26, 2006

RM150 for seafood...

I have to write about this....I was cruising around with this friend of mine to try out seafood which we haven't tried out yet and here we stumble upon this restaurant; a pretty decent looking restaurant overlooking the bay view of the sea....<little did I know that this is their deceiving front...ugghhh>

Okay, to start on a pretty note, the captain came over to take our orders in the most gracious manner and I had this gut feeling that this place is gonna cost a tad more than other places....especially when you can see those people dressed in uniforms. The feeling became even more for real when I heard the list of fish he babbled...garoupa, grouper, cod,snapper etc etc...most of them on my personal favourite fish list....so I knew this was gonna cost more than usual...so I was telling my friend, we don't have to order fish....
Anyway, we went ahead with all minimal orders...for two persons....we ordered prawns, fish and also crab....only 2 crabs.
The dishes came...and we ate....the food's not so good though (no, I am not saying it out of spite...this is a truthful review - cross my heart)
So, as we finished our meal...(we couldn't even finish the crabs!!)....we asked for the bill....then came the waiter with those sickly "too-much perfume" napkins which we declined.
The waiter came with such a sweet smile that I now know why...and slapped us with the RM150 bill....maybe not the exact amount but it rounded up to that nevertheless.....
Whoa...I was totally taken aback...I mean what kinda meal is that to cost RM150???!!!!!...and the seafood isn't even superbly fresh or delicious....goshhhhh....manslaughter....daylight robbery...
Call me stingy or whatever.....this just isn't worth it....even Eden Seafood, The Ship or Victoria Station is not going to cost this much......
It's not the matter of money....it's more of the worth....I've learnt my lesson to identify worthy restaurants...if they looked at me in the face...:P
In fact, I've come up with my own list of how to identify expensive and non-worthy to dine in restaurants:

1. They look too decent and too nice to be true with a conducive and romantic environment...(with a view overlooking the sea and beautifully decorated...unless you are in a fishing village which you will then risk being bitten by tons of mosquitoes and also pestered by the hordes of big and monstrous looking flies - really puts a meaning to a peaceful evening:p )

2. The waiters are dressed in uniforms - yeah, those black and white suits which look like penguins...haha..

3. The captain smiled too much that it looks sinister

4. The waiters all look at you and smile when the captain is taking your orders - gives me the creeps as if they are all engaged in some conspiracy...they're probably thinking, "Here comes a bunch of morons to waste their money on our food again..."
I know, I am paranoid:P

5. They are too gracious and all smiles with all your requests

6. They changed your plates.....yeah, this's the cue...:P

7. They have nice aquariums with the sea creatures labelled according to the weight and prices - yeah, they have this in Eden and also some classy restaurants but still.....this doesn't justify them....

8. They smile at you even if you spill juices over them or drop your plates and crockery - refer to 5

9. They ask you card or cash when you ask for the bill

10. They smile at you even when you ask to takeaway unfinished food - refer to 5.

11. They offer you those sickly "too-sweet" gagging smell of napkins....(probably any common restaurants have it now...but they still smell awful anyway...)

12. They bid you farewell - refer to 5.

13. They actually thank you and ask you to come again - duuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh....the nerve:p

Hahahaha......that being said, I still enjoy dining in some expensive restaurants which offer delicious seafood and conducive environment *winks*
I've tried several of them; on the Island itself, some are Thai restaurants, a little pricey but the food is good and worthy. Besides, the customer service is good....
However, this place....should I name it...hmmmm, Pinang Fisherman Wharf.....oops.....I've mentioned the name of the restaurant...so....
Anyway, the food is not too good and I even felt uncomfortable after the meal....definitely not because of the bill lar.....guess it's not fresh....and I have a sensitive stomach....:((

Review : 2 out of 5
Been there, try that....not going back again (if I can help it...unless another someone who has too much money to spend decide to go there and "donate" for charity....hehehe...