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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6th of June 2006 -> 666

666 - the satanic number...this is a number always associated to the devil. Today is the occurrence of the date itself... 6th of June 2006 and I thought of posting an entry today:P
Coincidentally, today is also the opening of the movie, The Omen....or rather, the remake of the original classis in 1976 (I think). This open is always launched on the 6th of June and also in the year with the number 6 in it...coincidence, nah, it's definitely planned for. After all, The Omen is all about the coming of the devil...the antiChrist himself to destroy mankind.
I used to hear a lot about this movie from my parents and also the older generation. I think it was pretty acclaimed production and according to some, it's also one of scariest movies after The Exorcist, the horror classic then.
The story's pretty much about this boy, Damien who is actually the birth of the Satan, antiChrist who came to destroy the mankind or rather, God's creation by committing the killings in a horrendous manner. Also, he bore the mark of the devil, the triple 6 number on his forehead or so...obviously to declare that he is the devil himself. That's so much from what I heard from others. A highly anticipated movie and I am looking forward to watch it....yeah, I know, nuts for a girl to want to watch horror movies....but hey, for the fun of it to watch such a highly acclaimed and also criticized movie, why ever not?
Any takers to watch the movie as well? Hehehe....have a good day and beware of 666.....the prophecy....also of the evil hour....if you do not know what time's the bad hour...go figure out...and no, it's not 6.06:P