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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cleanliness my dear....manners...

I am not a super clean person...nor am I a compulsive or obsessive cleanliness freak myself but I am not a fan of dirty environment as well...I mean, who in their sane mind would LOVE to stay in dirty and stinking smelly places??? Oh....forgive my ignorance after you read the following...

Alright...I am not mad or anything, just found that there are people who do not exactly observe the definition of clean. I am not backstabbing...I just observed people staying under the same roof with me...yeah...remember my old housemates moved out? Okay, I am not going to do any names calling here nor am I going to go into any long list of complaints because there is nothing much to say. Furthermore, I am just speaking based on my observations.

So, these new housemates...rather, 2 of them who happen to stay in the same room are actually distant from the rest of the housemates...I don't blame them, they are new to all of us, whereas me and another housemate are continuing our stay...and her roomie is also someone who just moved in but previously I have seen her around in the house whenver she came to visit.
The new housemates are the unfamiliar ones and they kinda appear and disappear....meaning, they come and stay for a week or sometimes a few days and then go back to their hometown. Yeah...reason being, the university term has yet to commence and they have rented the place, so, guess they are just optimizing what they have paid for:D

Anyway, not that we mind their presence....but I do notice...that the house seemed to be pretty dirty when they are back...yeah, even if for a few days and I am not pointing fingers here. Even my other housemates noticed that and nobody wanted to say anything about it...that is, until last weekend...and that was also through hints to us each other....although the alleged culprits are no longer around.
Besides, we have been pretty flexible with our turns in cleaning the house...we do not set the schedule or duty roster as we used to...since there are lesser headcounts these days in the house...so, sometimes it's my 2 other gal housemates or me
(yeah, I actually had to do some REAL housework now too *sob*....I missed my mummy!!)
who cleaned up the house.
WE noticed that the 2 new housemates did not chip in and do their part...they minded their own businesses....well, we did not intend to interfere anyway.
However, they contributed something else....DIRT and MESS to the house.
Since we cleaned up the house, naturally we would expect everyone to keep and maintain the condition....particularly if you do not do anything about it....I mean, that's natural common sense.

Nooooooooooo, they had to HELP to keep the house more than anything but DIRTY....as if it was a place for rats and other creepy crawlies to infest in....yeah, I am not just saying that....

Listed are the offenses:
Offense #1: They actually wore their shoes into the kitchen...
also, sometimes without wiping their feet after them....(we have a nice door mat which we clean every week and place them strategically at the door).

Offense #2: They washed their plates/ clothes in the bathroom and caused the whole kitchen floor to be wet
...don't ask me how....

Offense #3: They do not take out their own rubbish

Offense #4: They spill the gravy when they throw the rubbish and not bother to clean it up - causing the whole kitchen to stink !! - that was the worst!!! - refer to 3.

Offense #5: They ignore any sign of cleanliness or other people cleaning away in the house

Gossshhhhhhh....these offenses could call for summons to the court...hahaha....the thing is, just a short time around in the house and they can cause that much of a damage...gaaaaaa....
Hopefully they will come to their senses one day....though we are already thinking of a house meeting pretty soon...to call the council to order.....and let's see what the tribe says.....
Till then, the tribe will just have to keep cleaning up......Muuummmmmmmyyyyy!!!!