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Thursday, February 11, 2010

CNY.....my voice!~

I am finally back for CNY and never did it cross my mind that I am about to lose my voice!

My voice is fading....gosh, like 2 days before CNY?? Oh nooooooooooooo....I WANT MY VOICE back!!

I've seen the doc and I was told not to talk to let my voice recover, and I have taken my medicine, drank lots of water and even 100 Plus...and I am still not hearing my usual voice =(

BIG =((((

Any other traditional or old-folk remedies which you know that work?
As long as it's not exotic or FEAR-FACTOR like, I am game to try!!

I WANT MY VOICE BACK..... this time it's not being stolen by a sea witch (read Ursula)