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Monday, December 29, 2008

Thanks, I have recovered!

Sorry for the late words of gratitude; but I've just finally gotten down to my keyboard and checking all those emails.
I have replied most of the text messages (SMSes) sent to inquire on my health condition, etc

I know, it's been really bad the past 2 weeks prior to the holiday season, I first broke down with dry throat which then launched into fever, sore throat(which really hurts, for the record), headache....that's a lot of symptoms, right?
I even had diarrhoea and vomiting, on the first

I went to the clinic, and was on MC for 2 days, and then back to work.
Over the weekend, I developed stronger symptoms which resulted in my loss of voice on a Monday and due to the aches all over the body, I had to take off again.
This time was worse, the pain in the throat was bad, I could barely squeak (or swallow!), and the fever's back and headache, and there's even a runny nose!
Talk about tough luck!
Not just that, the cough was starting, dry cough and then it felt like something's stuck in the throat and I just couldn't help feeling nauseous.

Second visit to the doc, and still no improvement.
In fact, the cough and pain got worse..and I am amazed that I was already on the antibiotics and there seems be no healing effect.

It was almost 4 days when I finally decided enough's enough and I consulted a doctor in hospital, and I was finally on recovery track!
Right on time for Christmas, and then I was smacked with another allergy problem, SIGHS!

Don't ask me about it, I developed some weird skin irritation towards a substance which was suspected in one of the mild stuffs I use, surprisingly!
Anyway, I had to be on medication again, for my allergy...through Christmas.

I am recovering now, so I just want to thank everyone of you who have sent your regards and were concerned about my condition:)
I am getting better and I will be great in no time!

You have a poppin' New Year 2009 too~