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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ending the year....

That's what..and how it's become for me on the last day of 2008

Don't ask me what, why or how...
I am just on the verge of explosion

Anyway, it was somehow not so bad
I don't know
Call it telepathy or something
But today, my good ol' bestie and one of my oldest best girl friends (chi mui) chatted with me online
And somehow they managed to lighten how I felt

They didn't do anything actually....
And I didn't tell them anything either
But just talking to them somehow left me rather relieved
and I didn't feel that agitated

I don't know...
The magic of friends?
At the same time, they left me missing all my good old friends
Who have never forgotten about me wherever I am
My hometown friends
My school friends
My neighborhood friends

It seemed like a magical Christmas and New Year season for me this year
I believe I have truly been touched by the angel of love and friendship
And I felt blessed to have all of these wonderful all weather friends (definitely no fair weather friends)

You have reminded me that I am not alone
You guys and gals have always been there perfectly where I stand

I heard on the Chinese channel (radio) this morning; the DJs were posing a question
"If you were given one word to describe the year 2008, which word would it be?"

Which word would I choose?
I think I would choose Faith

I've experienced Change in this year
And it was not an easy decision
But it was nevertheless realized
And I know that had I not have the faith
I would never have done it

I had faith in GOD who ruled above
I had faith in myself
I had faith in people around me

And most importantly, I had people around me having faith in me!

Which word would it be for you for the year 2008?