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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All I want for Christmas is...

I have already prepared my wish list of course; and posted in my blog but I do have a very very important wish which I list on top of all...
I want my good health back...

It has been a disaster; I don't know why am I so prone to injuries these days; from my right knee sometime in June
Then my left foot recently; which hilariously got caught by a huge tree root of a century-old tree and turned out to be such a nasty wound that there is no place for laugh anymore.

Then I was slapped with fever, vomiting and diarrhoea last week; after my Johor trip (no pun intended)
And I thought I'd recover; but I woke up with a bad throat this morning and I even lost my voice!
Yeah, laugh, I was practically speechless for 2 days and I was put on antibiotics.
It's been almost a week now; and I have completed my course of medicine but I am still having the dreadful sore throat.

I am surprised by how long this sore throat took to heal and it's making me want to choke, vomit and even cough!
Great medicine and diagnosis huh; I went to get well and yet I ended up getting worse right now; with an additional number of symptoms:(

And to even add to the bad situation, yesterday my left arm hit against the wall and the metal door hinges which is now giving a big and swollen bruise on my arm.

God, I really do ask for no mishaps, wounds and sicknesses anymore...I want to get well for Christmas!!

I am thinking of going for another consultation; this time with a different doctor/clinic....I want to get well soon