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Monday, December 03, 2007

Pass it on

I was reading the Sunday Star yesterday morning before I went to work and there was this particular article which caught my eye (and my heart).

It was an interesting article on how this lady remembered a kind deed when she was in a foreign land years ago and was helped by the kind Irish men which she vowed to repay to any future Irish folk she cross path with in the future.

I was really surprised by the story where the writer was actually with another female friend and they had to hitchhike (they were told that it was safe to do so) and this car of 2 elderly men stopped to pick them up.

They were really nice and even brought them to cafes and bought them lots of cakes for them to eat and before they left, one of them even took out his wallet and offered some cash if they were running out.

What touched me most was the fact that these men were real gentlemen and definitely good Samaritans with a big heart. I would not even dream to imagine what happens here today if ladies were to thumb the hitchhike sign on our local highways or even roads and were offered a lift by 2 men. (they would probably end up in the next day's dailies' headlines; dead - brutally murdered and the whole world will be shaking their heads as to why dumb women never learn from the news).

It is really rare and in fact, I am sad that today our once caring society has turned into a selfish society not because they choose to but because they have to in order to ensure their own safety and also to protect their families and loved ones. What was once a harmonious and safe environment has now turned into a dark and dangerous place.

So back to the story, after all those 2 nice men had done, when the writer asked how could she repay their kindness, the only thing he asked was, "Nothing, just pass it on"
That was so heart-warming!:)