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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mailing Address

It's amazing how technology has reside and convert our minds these days that everything is not as simple as before...
I had a personal "awakening" yesterday when I received a message from an old uni friend.
He asked me for my mailing address as he wanted to send me something.
I immediately responded and texted the simplest email address that I often check to him; and received the delivery notification that my message had reached him.

Then 1-2 minutes later, my phone vibrated again; signalling a new incoming message and it was him again. I thought he probably just wanted to say Thank you or just an acknowledgement that he got my message...

And this was what he said...
"It's tangible stuff; I can't attach it to the email"....

I was surprised at first; thinking, "What can't be attached to the email?"
And then...it dawned upon me, that he was talking about actual physical item!!!!

Of course, he meant the house mailing address!! NOT email....

Sighs....Tech savvy...not that good either in normal life:p