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Monday, January 04, 2010

Thank you for your prayers

Just a little update; for those who knew and were praying for my poor grandma during her critical times, I would like to say a big thank you and I am truly touched by your kindness.

My grandma has been discharged from the hospital before Christmas and was quite weak then.
However, she has regained her strength and consciousness once she's back at home and in her own bed.
She still continues to say ridiculous stuffs which scares most of us silly, but she has regained her appetite and her eyesight following her operation.

Though she is not fully stable yet, but we are thankful that she is stable enough to be discharged.
She's still required to go back for follow-up check-ups and she's still weak but she definitely looks better than when she was lying in bed at the hospital.

Praise the Lord, definitely for this Christmas gift and thanks to all of you who had her in your prayers =)
I am touched by this gift from everyone =)

Thanks and may she get well soon!~