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Thursday, January 07, 2010

End of the week...and all about work

I've been away on a short break (counting the number of days I took leave), I don't think it has been a long time I was away from work.

This week, I am finally back to work (and blog!) and yet, it feels I was never away or was never given the chance to be away.

Usually after a short break, you are usually happy and enthusiastic about going back to work and of course, will definitely be in a chirpy mood (especially for myself =)

Well, I guess that chirpiness was short-lived as I had barely stepped into the office for more than 5 minutes when I was directed to make a phone call to a so-called colleague who was complaining all the way about the duration I was away on a break where things were halted and there is no one around to do the work.

He made it seem like I was the one to be blamed for the delays!
I was like, "Hello? Like the company is going to shut down just because I am not around???"

*If you guys are thinking that it is that particular colleague, no, apparently, this is another one who is worse than that one. Imagine what I have to go through every day with these two guys around*

Anyway, I just decided to take a deep breath and not stress about it; I really have to take care of my own mental health and really, I don't want to be complaining in my first few posts of the year in my own blog.
I love to have happy things and speak of lovely miracles around me and not just constantly be a witch who is constantly unhappy about everything.

So, brushing that aside, I am actually happy that it is finally Friday...ahhh, that favorite day of the week for me and another two days without work.

My one week had nothing significant except W-O-R-K and that is probably about it, haha, I am starting to feel that it is so sad.

No, I don't want to have work surround my mind all the time...so another new year resolution would be to prioritize health and to have a clear balance between work and my own private life!

Yeahhh.....I am still in a very happy mood, because it's January...I've always loved Christmas season, New Year and also the first week of the New Year!!~ =D

I love January for a reason...hehehe, new start, new beginning and the First month!

*Big SMILE again*

*Dreams of finishing work soon....LOL*

How has your week gone by? =D