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Monday, January 04, 2010



Angelstar is back, with a LOUD BANG and with lots of memories and challenges geared up to face 2010 with great enthusiasm!

My first post will definitely be full of great wishes for all who have been supporting all these years; bearing with my up and down times of my blogs.

I have my list of resolutions for the brand new year and also looking back at the year 2009 which is just now full of memories.
Reviewing the old year and anticipating the new is just a little tradition I have here in my blog and the other personal blog of mine; Princess's Diary will even have a collage of my good and bad looks for the past year and with a little bit more personalized bits to share =)

Now, now, now....The new year is here...I am sure everyone is looking forward to only good things (like DUH), and have you done your list of resolutions?

I am not quite done with my list; it just keeps growing...not because I have a lot of bad habits to get rid of (don't get me wrong!), but I just want to achieve so much...LOL!

What are yours?
Maybe we can compare our notes?

First resolution will definitely be to update my blogs ASAP!!!
They are covered with moulds, moss and goodness knows what else...and I just want to be back in touch with my favorite pastime and passion in my life!

Here goes, the list of my resolutions for year 2010 (trying to keep it in line with blogging and whatever that's related)
This is just the quick list; a preview...while I compile the full list:

1. UPDATE blog...UPDATE UPDATE and continuously keep it updated!!
(I will review by end of 2010 to see whether I achieved it)
Spend more time with my blogs =)

2. Start a new blog soon....(can't reveal what it is about yet;)

3. Get a grip on my career life; make a firm decision and to progress and grow! (YEAH!)
DECIDE...a major decision to make ;)

4. Spend MORE time with my family...HOME SWEET HOME! =)

5. BUDGET BUDGET....streamline my finances more (no more fantasizing about unnecessary and evil temptations at those windows...avoid window shopping!)

6. Go for a holiday(S)...TRAVEL!! I wanna go to more places!! (to update my wish list in my travel blog=)
*That's the fun of having specialized blogs =P

7. Take more photos for my blogs...and improve my photography skills! =D

8. Increase/Diversify my reading list/books - This is my FAVORITE resolution; to add more books to read... =D

9. Take good care of myself - maintain a good health (DRINK lots of water and Exercise!!)

10. To relax more when it comes to work matters and not take everything personally or to the heart. ( I must reduce the amount of stress I am causing myself!)

Now, that's the preview of the 10 resolutions I have.....
I think there's more but I am deciding whether to share it here or in my personal blog...

What are your New Year resolutions??

*BANG* Whatever it is, I am sure they are ALL GOOD and let's all have a HAPPY and GREAT 2010!!