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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A World of Venetian Masks

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All the world's a stage - William Shakespeare

A brilliant phrase, I must say as it describes the faces in the world in merely five words and it is undeniably true in this world of facade we are living in today.

Speaking from experience?
I can say so, as despite my infant years in the big world, the glimpse that I've had is more than what I expect and is definitely not motivating for further exploration.
Coming from a big city; or rather, a metropolitan city where I grew up in, I have been used to the tricks and street smart tips up my sleeve in order to survive there. Of course, it is also arguable that I was living in a protected environment since young where I am under the constant supervision of my parents and family; not forgetting my school teachers, well, mainly adults who seem to know it all.
When I started earning my own salary, inevitably, I have made my first baby step out of that comfort zone into another zone where I had to deal with unfamiliar faces whom I soon had to face each and every day, due to the nature of my work.

Either I was naive or I just wasn't prepared, I was hit by a wave that came all of a sudden and it took me some time to get into reality and go along and live my life. I mean, some bitching can't just ruin my entire life, and I can't allow myself to let it to either. I am not a weakling and I will not allow myself to be one.

Well, once bitten twice shy and when I am faced with new people, I tend to go back to my old self; the rather cautious and wary type. Trust became a sacred thing and I do not intend to give it away so easily after what I've been through and what I've been taught and brought up to believe in.
Again, you just can't seem to get away from politics. Just when you think things are just over, another comes up again.
It's like the waves or snowballs, that come hitting after you one following the other.

The most amazing part is, these people are such professionals that you'd never guess they are born of such nature. How often can you meet people who are so sweet that it seems so realistically true?

Whenever you think that person is (probably) sweet or kind or if the term too good to be true comes to mind, I'd warn you to be careful because these are the most vicious of the kind as they backstab without a tinge or guilt or remorse.
Sometimes, I feel they deserve an Emmy or an Oscar or something.

It is true that 'Ignorance is bliss'.
Sometimes you're better off not knowing too much, but yet, when you do know, that's when the drama sets in.
I am a person who just dislikes all these bickering and bitching. Gossips are taboo to me too; but I am not an all saint or anything like that.
Being a girl, I do share stories and enjoy hearing stories, but when things turn to the ugly part where you criticize and just de-fame another person, I tend to get really uncomfortable and that's where I want to stay away from the topic. However, things do not work so ideally. Even if you do not want harm to anyone, there is no guarantee the same be granted unto you and I have been a victim of those lashing tongues way too many times that I have lost count.
I do not know what is the matter with these people but I rather not know, perhaps it will make me happier this way, not knowing the reason to those bitching for I foresee it will always be changing, like a chameleon to suit their creativity in making up stories that pleases their own imagination.
It is somewhat pleasing and entertaining for their very own benefit.

(Lets out a big SIGH)
It is not a tough task to figure out that there are way too many masked men out there, in fact, everyone around us is wearing a mask. Not just any mask, a wholly face-covered mask as in the Venetian masks.
We change our masks when we interact with different people; sometimes I even wonder whether we do take our masks off.
One minute we can be goody two shoes or besties with someone and the next you know, we can be backstabbing huh?

*Shudders at the thought*
I am not saying I am such a noble angel or a living saint, but I can safely say that I have never warranted any intention to harm anyone at all.
What is the meaning of being successful and happy when it is constructed upon others' miseries and sufferings?
I dare not and do not want to do that.
I pray for those who have done so; perhaps they know not what they are doing.

It is a huge world out there, and as the great man, Shakespeare had said,
'All the World's a big stage'
Each and everyone of us is acting and whether we are pretending, it is known only to ourselves.

A Venetian mask, anyone?
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