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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Services sector's == Office Hours?

On Saturday, I went to the post office and bank and found they were both closed....it's the first Saturday after all, and furthermore, I believe that the 5-days week policy is in effect. Another thing is; it's ironically April Fools' Day (1st of April)...but I'm not fooled (lar)..hehehe:)

Sigh, how can we actually go to banks and post offices during weekdays when we are typing away and attending meetings on weekdays. I still think it's kinda absurd and illogical that these services should operate according to the same working hours. Reason being, they are supposed to serve those who are at large and if we both share the same working hours, there's no services needed during the time. Furthermore, on further thought, weekends are the only time when the working people are actually free to do their personal matters.

On the other hand, these people in the services sectors are also normal humans with families attached and we can't exactly demand them to work when others are enjoying themselves. Well, there should be a better way of handling this...make it a win-win situation...does not necessarily have to be the whole weekends; the half-day Saturdays work and they can have Mondays off; it's still adhering to the 5-days week. If they still think that it is unfair that people are enjoying Saturdays while they are working, they can also snigger that they have Mondays off when people are practically dragging themselves to work.
Also, imagine the shopping centres without the crowd and no hassle in getting a strategic parking and also, no queues for movie tickets!! :D

Well, I leave this to the government's discretion....just my humble opinion and some occasional rants when I can't get these chores settled:P