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Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fools' Day

1st of April...significant? Yup, I've 2 friends born on this day...I still remember they used to be a little shy in revealing their birth dates to friends for fear of being subject to ridicule and fooled around. But I guess they have pretty much gotten over it *winks*

Anyway, nothing much I suppose on April's Fool...I think we've gotten past that age to play tricks on each other anyway...haha...does that make me sound old? Hmmm....if you come to think of it, maybe we mature with age; the mindset of a high school kid can never be the same as a working person:D

In another way, it's also pretty sweet to have those sweet memories from childhood and school days...doesn't hurt to be nostalgic once in a while *smiles dreamily*

Those days, pranks and lies are inevitable; where your friend will probably tell you this and that and got you all trusting and them; and while you, wide-eyed and innocent runs to the place they told you to, found out it was all a game...hahaha...and successful pranks(they are usually successful...depends on how convincing and kids are trusting anyhow:p )

Then as time goes, the tricks turned more intelligent and ingenious...with the convincing element to get you to believe it.
I read in the newspaper about this April Fools' joke which turned out to be so-not-funny anymore between the businessman and mechanic....sighhh, a little "high school"...don't you think so? Still fooling around on April Fools? And as if that's not enough, you even land yourselves on the cover page of the newspapers....fun and cool? Somehow I don't think so...in fact, this will probably be the most unforgettable April Fools' for them:p

April Fools...tricks for laughs? Nah....doesn't seem so fun anymore, huh? Hehehe...:D

P.S.: Happy April Fools to you guys anyway....and should I say, this is just an article for fools?Haha....no, just kidding..you are the respected readers of my blog*winks* :D