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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

End of April

Been ages since I've updated my blog........anyway, just returned from training (again) , I know....and looking forward to short vacation.
Month of April has its ups and downs...rained quite a bit but sadly, the rain went away last week...bummer and I so do love the cool and refreshing weather, well, yeah, it is kinda gloomy and not so fun to drive on the road/highways during those weather...but still....I Love the rainy season :)
I've watched The Wild and Ice Age 2; seems like there were major disappointments in store for the flicks; I'd be reviewing them soon...but for those who would like something to watch and can't decide between these 2 animations, hmmm....I'd say The Wild is a better one for laughs and just mild entertainment despite the countless reports that it was suspiciously similar to Dreamworks's last year animation flick, Madagascar. Being a Walt Disney fan myself, I'd not blame you if you think I am biased in my recommendations though...hehehe:P
Will update soon...just wanted to blabber a little at the moment to take my mind off....